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It is with great interest that I respond to your recent advertisement in XYZ for an Executive Assistant.I am enthusiastic about the scope of the position and I am confident that my experience and abilities closely match your criteria.You’ll need to be able to write articulately and speak firmly and confidently.

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Although not required in all administrative assistant roles, having a GED or high school diploma and some college work under your belt will move your resume higher in the pile.

Completing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree goes a bit further than ticking a box -- it shows you stuck through something to completion, and signals you have at least a basic ability to manage projects, work in teams, and communicate.

It’s also a good way to get a taste of an industry that interests you. Being an excellent administrative assistant means gaining trust -- and that starts with showing up reliably, always being available to help when you’re needed, and not having to be managed closely, since your main responsibility is taming the chaos of the office, not adding to it.

If you’re a champion multi-tasker, so organized your life is practically color-coded, and a good communicator, you’ve got all the skills you need to own this job. Start to demonstrate your reliability by showing up on time to interviews, and by responding quickly to communication from your potential employer.

Assistants are often responsible for a lot of office-wide communication, and may be responsible for answering incoming calls or responding to some customer emails.

How well you communicate in these situations reflects directly on your boss.

If you’re still in college or just out, landing an internship is a good stepping stone to an administrative assistant position.

It gives you a chance to prove you’re organized, good at communicating, and good at working under pressure, which sets you up to slip into a full-time role when the internship ends, or when a position becomes available.

If you didn’t take typing in school, you’ll need to brush up your skills so that you can quickly respond to emails, edit documents, and take notes.

There are a number of free typing courses available online.


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