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Can I read my Jumpbook without being connected to the Internet?

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However, if the title is in Course Smart format, the user can open the Jumpbook through the internet at multiple computers (each book may only be checked out for offline use to one computer at a time). The time until expiration begins at the moment you activate your Jumpbook, and the number of days left in your subscription shows in your Course Smart bookshelf. Yes, most Jumpbooks have no limitations regarding printing.

In the event a Jumpbook does have a printing restriction, it can be located on the back of the each Jumpbook tag in the bookstore.

If the Jumpbooks were purchased through Vital Source books, it is recommended that you immediately make a backup copy after downloading your Jumpbook.

Create a copy of your Jumpbook and save it to removable media such as CD, DVD, or a USB drive.

Unfortunately, the landscape of e-book reading technology is littered with hundreds of combinations of file formats, devices, and platforms.

These competing platforms and devices include varying levels of accessibility and different methods of access.The Course Smart App for Android devices is available through the Android Marketplace. Mainstream Access to E-Books--What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Is Still Unclear Braille Monitor January 2012 (back) (contents) (next) Mainstream Access to E-Books--What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Is Still Unclear by Amy Mason From the Editor: The following article was researched and written by Amy Mason, a relatively new member of the Access Technology Team that among other responsibilities staffs the International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind.Note: The backup file Jumpbook does not allow you to open it on a different computer.For assistance in restoring a backed up title, please contact the content provider (Vital Source, Course Smart) for further assistance. You may return a non-accessed Jumpbook by bringing your original sales receipt to the bookstore where you originally purchased it (unless otherwise noted in the bookstore's return policy).Click on a tutorial below to view it in a new window or tab.- Jumpbooks redemption for Course Smart e Textbooks - Checking out a Jumpbook for offline access What is a Jumpbook?Jumpbook textbooks are provided by either Course Smart or Vital Source.Course Smart titles are accessed online with the ability to checkout titles for offline reading. Please note the format as indicated on your Digital Bookshelf. recommends that you download your Jumpbook to a non-public computer (a personal computer or laptop) to ensure that you can successfully retrieve the file after download. Jumpbooks are designed to be downloaded by a single user, on one computer. The Jumpbook expiration date can be located on the back of each Jumpbook tag in the bookstore.You will need to download a free application and have an active Internet connection.The Course Smart App for i Phone and i Pad is available through the App Store.


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