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These animals are often denied vet care, sanitary living conditions, and time outside a cage. Preserving Our Planet - Mike Daly: English 202 C, Mrs.They are overbred and then disposed of when they become too old to produce litters (Alfonsi & Gerstein, 2009). We need to stop turning a blind eye to the suffering of our companion animals. Kounios People worry about many things these days: money, job security, politics, college graduation, and anything else that comes to mind.Instead we opt for breeders or pet stores because of the misconception that shelters don't have puppies or kittens or pure-bred animals.

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We need to find a way to increase these numbers if we are going to make a significant impact on preserving our environment.

We need everyone to be involved in preserving our planet.

To do so, we must keep reminding everyone that our efforts today will allow future generations to enjoy the environment. Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Sales In The US Rose 73% In 2012. People have become so obsessed with taking the perfect picture for Instagram that they miss seeing the actually beauty of it with their own eyes.

We must also keep exploring and learning more about nature. Retrieved November 9, 2014, from vehicle-sales-in-the-us-rose-73-in-2012/. They constantly check their phones for a new text message or checking the score of the sports game that they are missing while they are ignoring the person they are with.

Worrying about preserving our environment is one of the easiest problems that we can fix, and some people, corporations, and businesses are starting to make progress in preserving our environment.

We now have hybrid and battery-powered cars that enable us to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of gas our cars consume.

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