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Learning from peers is a considerable and highly valued part of the MBA experience. In our programme we have a very diverse cohort, both in the Full-time and the Executive MBA.

Speaking for the Full-time MBA, we have between 30 and 40 students and, for us, diversity is number one – not only cultural, but also professional diversity.

Check out: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your MBA Application In an attempt to aid you in the essay writing process even further, we got feedback directly from the admissions directors of top international MBA programmes.

Their advice will give you a better idea of how you can make the most of the essay and use it as an opportunity to stand out in the application process.

In terms of essays, we do ask specific questions to try to bring out evidence of those qualities.

So we’re paying quite close attention to how well a candidate has given us examples of those things.I would advise our candidates not to try to give the answer that they think we expect, but to be honest when answering essay questions and demonstrate who they really are.Check out: Be Yourself During the MBA Video Essay MBA programmes are designed for ambitious professionals who wish to elevate their career to a higher level.In broad terms, the MBA application essay is your best opportunity to summarise and explain your choice of B-school and studies in your own words.The way your goals and expectations fit the focus of an MBA programme is of primary importance for preselection for admission and an invitation for an interview.Results from the Internet-based version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL i BT), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Pearson Test of English (PTE), from a test taken January 1, 2018 or later, is required for international applicants who attended a non-English-speaking undergraduate university. Degrees from international universities offering three-year baccalaureate degrees are valid equivalents.We require uploaded transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate academic institutions that you have attended (full- or part-time).Admissions directors often say that they are looking for applicants who truly stand out with their unique profile, experiences, and goals.Iliana Bobova, Head of Admissions Consulting at Advent Group explains: Profiling your uniqueness is very important because MBA admissions teams aim to build a diverse MBA class in terms of academic and professional background, culture, and experiences.They need to point to aspects of the programme that they like and they need to show us that they know the programme and have done their research.We also want our candidates to have clear career goals.


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