Child Obesity Research Paper

Development or validation of tools to measure dietary and physical activity behaviors, along with psychosocial instruments, dominated this domain.

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Key advances and innovations are highlighted within each domain.

Emerging areas include the advancement of measurement methodologies that simultaneously capture individual and contextual information across time, analysis of policy problems, and the development of multilevel, community interventions.

However, few effective and sustainable interventions are exemplified; some strategies are promising.

Recommendations for future research includes the adoption of a systems approach that integrates individual, environmental, and policy change, the scale up and diffusion of innovations, studies of intended and unintended policy impacts, and the design and testing of effective social marketing strategies.].

Measurement studies, treatment interventions, and studies on policy issues each represented Distribution of childhood obesity research papers by domain and theme from MEDLINE, January 2011–May 2012.

Publications on basic science research, obesity prevalence and consequences, populations with special health conditions, and non-obesity-related diet and physical activity are excluded Eighty publications related to methods of measuring physical activity, diet, or overweight and obesity.In addition, we offer an editorial discussion of childhood obesity research trends, gaps, and recommendations.illustrates findings from the overall thematic analysis of the publications included in this review, indicating the relative proportion of each domain and major themes within it.Of note, validation of accelerometry was performed in preschool ages, whereas prior research had mostly been in older children and adults. [] identified acceptable sensitivity and specificity levels of the Activ PAL (86.7 % to 97.3 %) to predict toddler postures (e.g., sit, stand, crawl) compared with video-recorded movements.In the pursuit of simpler measurement tools, pedometers were compared with accelerometry in several studies of school-age children to determine step-count cut-points that correlated with levels of activity intensity [••] furthered the methodology to combine accelerometry and global positioning system (GPS) by testing several data collection methods that revealed patterns of activity mapped with location information across time. [••] validated the use of ecological momentary assessment (EMA)—mobile phone surveys for capturing real-time physical activity and context—with accelerometry and found a 4-day protocol with three to seven surveys per day yielded valid physical activity levels. To identify research trends and gaps of childhood obesity research, we reviewed MEDLINE publications from January 2011 to May 2012 and qualitatively analyzed the major domains and themes of research focus.Major domains are: measurements, obesity correlates, prevention interventions, treatment interventions, and policy issues.Technological advances in measuring habitual diet were few; however, one study enhanced a digital photo-analysis method with clear participant instructions, which improved the data quality and resulted in correlations with 24-hr recalls ranging from 0.62 to 0.78 across major food groups [Studies on the associations and perceptions of risk or protective factors with obesity constituted the largest domain (443 publications).This domain included studies on individual, social, and environmental influences, such as dietary and physical activity patterns, parental factors, and factors in the built environment.We employed five core domains to sort the publications: measurement studies; obesity correlates; prevention interventions; treatment interventions; and policy issues.This paper qualitatively summarizes the major themes identified and highlights selected publications of innovation within each domain.


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