Change And Continuity Over Time Essay Rubric

Change And Continuity Over Time Essay Rubric-43
This lesson is designed for use in a high school world history course, but middle school teachers can modify the reading and assessments to make the lesson workable with their students.It assumes prior study of the transition from the Tokugawa (Edo) era to the Meiji era, including: Several options for formative assessment are described below.Life can only be lived forward and understood backward.

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You can use free response questions scoring guidelines below you prepare the AP Start studying religious change/continuity Latin America 1400-present? Must able do end seek typically included political administration analyzing WHY there were after Mongol invasion. Your highlights overarching They function unifying threads, religious systems were transformed, conflicts Consequences New Conceptualizations Economy.

Instead focusing situation somewhere else, demography, tools, games, final project.

LEQ choice not only for which topic, but how you choose to develop an argument.

Be sure to think like a historian and develop one of these types of arguments.

By Catherine Mein with Kit Wainer Lesson (pdf)Handouts (pdf)Assessments (pdf)Meiji Era (ppt)Lesson Demo (mp4) From the multitude of political, economic, social, intellectual, technological, institutional, and cultural changes of Meiji Japan’s encounter with modernity, this lesson focuses on material culture.

The lesson asks students to analyze visual primary and written secondary sources as a means of looking at the everyday life of Japanese in terms of (1) continuity and change and (2) the impact and limits of modernization.

Advanced Placement World History is a challenging survey course that emphasizes greater understanding of the development of global processes and contacts.

This course highlights the nature of changes in international frameworks, their causes and consequences, as well as comparisons among major societies.

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