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Hazlitt: "Lectures on the English Poets: on Dryden and Pope." 3. the verse-satire, may be argued very reasonably to be a species of the lyrical genre.

Especially must the satirist, therefore, who desires any lasting remembrance for his performance ensure its technique and finish. "Humour is the making others act or talk absurd-ly and unconsciously; wit is the pointing out and ridi-culing the absurdity consciously, and with more or less ill-nature." Wm.

A satire may be defined or described as a literary form in which the writer expresses his amuseraent or disgust at what appears to him as ridiculous or un-seemly.

Aa for the satirist himself, it is almost a norm that he should evidence some highly distinctive abnormality.

In an interview-style narrative with Byron Wien, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, and with German journalist Krisztina Koenen, Soros vividly describes the genesis of his brilliant financial career and shares his views on investing and global finance, politics and the emerging world order, and the responsibility of power.

Speaking with remarkable candor, he traces his progress from Holocaust survivor to philosophy student, unsuccessful tobacco salesman to the world’s most powerful and profitable trader and introduces us to the people and events that helped shape his character and his often controversial views.

Financial guru George Soros is one of the most colorful and intriguing figures in the financial world today.

Now in Soros on Soros, readers are given their most intimate and revealing look yet into the life and mind of the one Business Week dubbed, “The Man Who Moves Markets.” interweaves financial theory and personal reminiscence, political analysis and moral reflection to offer a compelling portrait of the world (and its markets) according to Soros.

It has its place in Shakespearean drama, in the lyrics of Shelley, and the novels of Thackeray.

It is the satiric spirit., which is more or less apparent wherever the mirror is held up to Nature.


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