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Back to Top Norman Bowie, Emeritus at the University of Minnesota The effect of capitalism on the quality of life has been much debated.

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The implications of this court case are of particular concern for the emerging field of social enterprise, in which some organizations, such as, in this case, Craigslist, choose to pursue a socially beneficial mission in the for-profit corporate form. Newmark decision may also threaten all companies that seek to be socially responsible by serving other constituencies, in addition to shareholders.

This examination of the court decision concludes that a mandatory legal requirement to maximize shareholder value may not preclude a concern for non-shareholder interests and may even permit the preservation of the kind of culture and way of doing business adopted by Craigslist. Newmark reflects unique features of the case that could have been avoided by Craigslist and by any other similar company.

Still a wide variety of views regarding fostering and implementing business ethics internationally have been offered.

I review some of these proposals and offer additional observations as the direction normative business ethics must now go.

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Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Many scholars, policy makers, entrepreneurs and the civil society are asking fundamental questions about the future of capitalism in our global economy.In the last decade, the interactions between business and environment have been revisited with new perspectives.In particular, positive change can arise from new collaborative opportunities between business and the environment, in order to embrace environmental challenges and pursue reciprocal benefits.I believe that multinational business corporations can be a civilizing force in today’s cosmopolitan but turbulent world.A number of initiatives will be discussed with special emphasis on business contributions to human rights and to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.Business ethics has actually established mores on which traders do their business with earnestness and honesty.It is an extremely subjective trait and covers innumerable ingots of business.As multinationals undertake these initiatives they will do well by doing good. Brenkert, Emeritus of Business Ethics at the Mc Donough School of Business of Georgetown University This paper considers challenges and limits of global business ethics.It maintains that the central challenges of business ethics are not identifying (further or additional) ethical principles, norms or virtues by which it should operate.Needless to say it is also a resourceful avenue for research paper ideas.Baraldi / Amadei | Boatright | Bowie | Brenkert | Daly | De George | Diez / Ruiz-Palomino / Banon-Gomis | Ferrero / Sison / Guitian | Fontrodona / Sanz | Goodpaster | Guillen Parra / Lleo de Nalda / Pastor | Hamilton | Hauser | Hicks | Jacome / Guillen Parra / Gomis | Kay | Krusche | Lara | O'Mara Shimek | Painter-Morland | Panchi V.


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