Bressay Field Reserves

In fact the original fields are approaching exhaustion and the smaller additions are now declining after being brought on-line early.

The gas plant has recently been in turn around and some work may have been done to improve well delivery.

With smaller players taking over there is sometimes a short-term production increase from mature fields, but it also tends to signify there are fewer large projects to come.

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Once it is ramped up, which could take three or four years despite it having some predrilled wells, it will be the largest producer at 100 to 120 mmbpd and has an eight-year plateau, while Scheihallion/Loyal will plateau and decline quickly.(Click to enlarge)Pierce and Captain are heavy oil developments.

Pierce was redeveloped in 2009 and Captain has recently switched to using polymer injection to improve the water flood performance.Bressay shelters Lerwick from the east and can be reached by car ferry from the town in under ten minutes. Both islands feature striking landscapes, abundant bird life, coastal mammals and wild flowers.Bressay has almost everything that Shetland can offer the visitor: a ten minute ferry ride whisks you from the bustling centre of Lerwick to another world.UK C&CIt was expected by many, me included but more importantly UKOGA and a couple of the bigger oil and gas consultancies, that UK offshore oil production would increase significantly from 2017 to exceed 1000 kbpd for the yearly average in 2018. March production was 934 kbpd, down 7 percent m-o-m and 2 percent y-o-y (but up 0.8 percent for the first quarter compared with 2017).It’s possible that some fields have not reported but those showing zero for the month are not big producers.The biggest single field drop came from Clair but most field saw declines, even the newer ones.Jodi data indicates there will be a rise in May, but not above 1000 kbpd, and after that there is usually a summer dip because of maintenance shutdowns (plus this year some strikes at Total platforms).(Click to enlarge)Two of the largest oil producers, Buzzard and the Golden Eagle Area Development, both operated by Nexen, have started accelerated decline following increasing water breakthrough (especially noticeable in GEAD over the past year). This is a redevelopment with its neighbouring field, Loyal, through the Glen Lyon FPSO (also called the Quad 204 project), which was started last year.Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.(Note I think I’ve got the correct data shown now after messing up the Edradour numbers in two different ways previously.) (Click to enlarge)NATURAL GAS IMPORTS(Click to enlarge)The chart shows gross imports, net numbers are slightly less as there is some balancing through the Bacton interconnectors.Imports have been fairly steady since 2010, mainly because newer production in the North Sea balanced decline in mature fields (some of the new gas production is actually the final blow down of gas caps on mature oil fields).


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