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That’s because journalism, which is in the midst of its own transformation, is moving in a populist direction.

That’s because journalism, which is in the midst of its own transformation, is moving in a populist direction.

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The book works backwards from the confusing feedback students have showed us.

‘Writing Trouble’ will help you diagnose and treat your thesis writing problems.

And yet a successful piece of academic prose is rarely judged so by “ordinary” standards.

Ordinary writing—the kind you read for fun—seeks to delight (and, sometimes, to delight and instruct). It’s supposed to be dry but also clever; faceless but also persuasive; clear but also completist. Academic prose is, ideally, impersonal, written by one disinterested mind for other equally disinterested minds.

Inger Mewburn (of the excellent Thesis Whisperer blog), Shaun Lehmann, and I are currently in the process of writing our new book for New South.

We have just published our last book, with Open University Press called The Thesis Whisperer blog has published a series of posts from the upcoming book.” The academic world, Kristof argued, is in thrall to a “culture of exclusivity” that “glorifies arcane unintelligibility while disdaining impact and audience”; as a result, there are “fewer public intellectuals on American university campuses today than a generation ago.”The response from the professoriate was swift, severe, accurate, and thoughtful.A Twitter hashtag, #engagedacademics, sprung up, as if to refute Kristof’s claim that professors don’t use enough social media.He thought it was more like something you’d read in a magazine. If you’re an academic in a writerly discipline, such as history, English, philosophy, or political science, the most important part of your work—practically and spiritually—is writing.Many academics think of themselves, correctly, as writers.(A colloquium is a sort of writing workshop for graduate students.) The essay was about Thomas Kuhn, the historian of science.Kuhn had coined the term “paradigm shift,” and I described how this phrase had been used and abused, much to Kuhn’s dismay, by postmodern insurrectionists and nonsensical self-help gurus.Over the years all of us have been running our own bootcamps we have met hundreds of students struggling to put their final thesis draft together.These students have supervisors who are clearly great researchers, but cannot give good feedback on writing.As writers, few of Kristof’s interlocutors had his pithy, winning ease.And yet, if they didn’t win with a knock-out blow, the professors won on points. (His column ended on a wistful note: “I write this in sorrow, for I considered an academic career.”) My own theory is that he got the situation backward.


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