Bless Me Ultima Essay

The death of Ultima influences Antonio greatly as being guided by this person he appears in the situation when he has to understand that his future life depends only on him and it is his personal responsibility to search for his future path in this world.

Antonio is a six-year-old boy who appears the witness of several deaths.

It is bilingual in that it is interspersed with Spanish phrases and terms, but it lacks the fluid code-switching found in everyday life.

The autobiographical ethos of the novel has been recognized by many critical reviewers, and Anaya himself has been very explicit on this matter.

Rather, it is a cultural novel that explores the ancestral heritage of Chicano/as and its relevance for their lives in the present.

Bless Me Ultima Essay

Much like Rodolfo Gonzales' epic poem, Yo Soy Joaquin, this novel frames an ethnic identity that resonates strongly with the Chicano/a readership in the United States.

The boy tries to understand why God allows such cases, why good people have to die.

These are the first notes, the first signs of Antonio’s understanding of the lack of ideality in Catholicism. Therefore, considering the role of deaths in Antonio’s life, it may be concluded that these events impacted Antonio’s vision of social culture and negative attitude to Catholicism as religion.

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Both Ultima and Narciso are called “magic” by various characters in the book.


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