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Most biography text is so dense and difficult for even adults to read! They’re easy readers with just the right about of information for my second graders.Over the years, I have gathered a ton of resources to make this information gathering process easier. I have also scoured Tp T for text on biographical people.To create even more buy-in for the research reports, I let students choose their biographical character.

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They know it is wrong to copy from a friend’s paper, so it is wrong to copy information someone else wrote in a book.

I emphasized that it is also plagiarizing to copy information from the internet.

We had a whole class discussion about why it is considered a form cheating and stealing.

Students were very insightful by making comments such as, “You didn’t really to the work,” and “You just copied like off of your friend’s paper.” Students connected most with the latter.

On a small piece of paper, I have students list three or four people that they would like to study. I assign my low readers a person that is easy to understand and for whom I have enough information.

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If I have done a good enough job setting the stage, they will have heard of several biographical heroes and will be able to write down more than a just the presidents! Although most students choose a president, the presidents are the hardest to gather information and report about. I want my girls to feel empowered by the person that they are reading about and know that they too can do great things.They generally don’t have a central thing that they did, beyond being president. So, I tend to assign girl heroes to girls and boy heroes to boys.Once I’ve figured out who is reporting on which biographical person, I create individual packets for students.Studying an individual person is such a new concept for most students that we need to set the stage for why the person is important or why we study important people.Along with reading the texts, we also create an ongoing anchor chart where we add the person, date, and why the person did what he did that was important.To begin the lesson, I displayed a poster about plagiarism.I read the definition and ways to avoid plagiarizing.This Reading Comprehension Bundle has been a good resource.The text is a little high for my students, but still accessible for most of them.I’ve blocked out the student names below, but you get the idea.The QR Codes that students use from my Biography Research Reports (also on Tp T ) product. What I love about the QR Codes is that even my lowest readers can watch the videos and write down facts that they learn.


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