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Businesses with 50 to 99 employees and those with 5 to 59 workers will have one year and two years, respectively, to comply after open enrollment for the state-sponsored IRA begins.

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You can claim this credit for each of the first three years of the plan, and may carry it back to other tax years if you can’t use it in the current year.

To encourage employer matching contributions to retirement accounts, employer contributions are deductible on the employer’s federal income tax return to the extent that the contributions do not exceed the limitations described in section 404 of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you reside in other states, it doesn’t hurt to check just in case and explore your options.

For most small business owners, four types make the most sense: traditional 401(k)s, Roth 401(k)s, safe harbor 401(k)s, and solo 401(k)s.

You can use this tax-advantage during salary raises with your employees.

Let’s imagine that you and your employee have a tax burden of 9% and 23%, respectively.A ,000 raise would only increase the share of his take-home pay by ,310 and cost you in taxes.On the other hand, a ,000 employer contribution to the employee’s retirement account gives your employee a full ,000 now (growing tax-free until retirement) and enables you to write off the entire ,000. Another reason why it’s better to set up a small business retirement plan now, or at least to get started planning for your business’ retirement account so that you can choose the one that’s best suited for your unique situation, is that soon you might be forced to sign up for a potential subpar option.In comparison, averages costs of health insurance benefits were .58 per hour worked in the same period.ou allow your employees to effectively reduce taxable income for this year and defer those taxes until retirement when they’re more likely to be in a lower tax bracket.An employer-sponsored 401(k) proves that you have a long term financial commitment with your business and your employees.mployer-sponsored retirement accounts cost less than what you might think. While millennials get credited for being the driving force of entrepreneurship, about half of new businesses are started by Baby Boomers. According to the Freelancers Union, a non-profit providing advocacy and health insurance to its members, there are an estimated 54 million independent workers.Several states, including Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, and Virginia, have already approved bills requiring feasibility studies to implement retirement plans for small businesses or mandating small businesses to either offer retirement plans or enroll employees in retirement savings program run by the state. The SB-1234 Retirement Savings Plans bill will become effective in January 1, 2017, requiring small business with at least five employees and no small business retirement plan to participate in a state-sponsored individual retirement account (IRA) managed by a state-selected financial company.Businesses with 100 employees have to comply first.


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