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In 5th grade, my friend lent me a comic book, filled with illustrations that sparked my journey into drawing.

From then on, I spent my days and nights cramming in as many illustrations as I could.

Let’s see how our applicant’s scores were compared to the competition.

Her Scores GPA: 3.8 SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing: 660 SAT Mathematics: 660 SAT Essay: 17 AP Courses: 6 UC Berkeley Freshman Admission Profile.

I was a meek child, one of those kids people called “quiet” and “shy” in class.

However, immersing myself in art helped me to open up and develop social skills, slowly bringing me out of my shell.Well, this essay had actually helped our applicant get into Berkeley with lower scores than average.This usually goes for all of our other admissions essays, which you can find here, here, here, and here.I continued to branch out, eventually doing freelance work in an online manga label with a group of other artists.It was an incredibly rewarding and unique experience for me.I also took my hobby online: I shared my work on online communities, gaining an audience of fellow artist friends who encouraged me to continue to create.The sociality I lacked in school, I gained in the form of friends on the internet.Something about creating a work of art from my own hands fascinated me.I found a home in art, not only within myself but with others as well.You can check out more information of their admission profile through the University of California website. Her marks are significantly lower than the average applicant who was accepted to UC Berkeley.As you can see, a good admissions essay makes a huge difference in compensating for a low GPA or SAT/ACT scores.


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