Being Raised By A Single Parent Essay

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For example, a woman might read a book and cuddle with them where as a man might rough house and wrestle with them.In order for children to grow up healthey they need both a male and female perspective."In the United States today, 16,334,000 children under age 18 live in single mother homes (Fluty 4)." Single parent homes affect children psychology producing negative effects on the child's esteem, behavior, as well as education.

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Being both mother and father can be strenuous at times. The parent doesn't have anyone to back them up in the discipline of the children, or to help enforce the rules.

Children need to be shown the gentleness of a female, but also the firmness of a male.

Growing up in a single parent home effects children's self-esteem.

They may develop negative feelings about themselves.

Family, friends, and churches may also help in financial emergencies.

All the responsibilities of the family lie on one person instead of two, such as homemaker, cook, tutor, chauffeur, and playmate.

You and your children may have to do without some things to make ends meet.

There are organizations you can turn to in time of need, such as for food, clothing, and shelter.

A parent must be ready for any situation that may arise, like a child getting sick or early dismissal of school.

Whether you are sick, tired, or hurt the children still have to be cared for.


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