Ban On Boxing Essay

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Today, many sports are becoming increasingly regulated.

Boxing, rugby, soccer, and other games are being targeted by sports bodies and medical organizations in an effort to improve safety standards and to reduce injuries.

454 words New developments in agriculture (short) New developments in agriculture include factory farming and the creation of new fruits and vegetables.

Many people believe, however, that huge industrial farms and genetically modified plants are dangerous and that we need to go back to smaller, more natural farming.

Sports, competition, and games seem to be natural to humans.

Young children learn their own limits and strengths through play with others, but they also learn valuable social lessons about what acceptable behavior and the rights of others.Boxing, in fact, offers many young men a way out of their rundown social background and offers them with an opportunity to use what skill they possess to make a living for themselves.If a person legitimately has a gift of strength and ability, then nobody has the right to stand in their way.There is very little evidence to show that people who take part in dangerous sports become violent as a result.In fact it is more likely that apart from the many friendships created in playing, sport acts as a safety valve for a society by reducing stress.Firstly, I do not think anybody can argue against my strongest point, which is that every single boxer in Britain takes part in the sport on their own accord, and are not being forced to fight by anybody else.Everyone, if given the opportunity, has a right to take part in what ever sport he or she wishes and therefore it is a human right.A marathon runner trying to improve his time, basketball players fiercely battling an opposing team, or a sky-diving team defying gravity – all are trying to push themselves to their maximum. People should be free to participate in activities with others as long as it does not affect the safety of non-participants.There also should be limits to the power of governments to ban sports.But if boxing is banned, would motor racing follow, then rugby, wrestling, or weightlifting?Furthermore, many sports would go underground, leading to increased injury and illegal gambling. Medical bodies have introduced safety rules in boxing, in soccer, and these safety regulations have been welcomed by players. In conclusion, our society would be healthier if more people took part in sports of all kinds.


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