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On the other hand, I am grateful that we have a private language, can finish each other’s sentences, and at times are convinced we can read each other’s minds.”Go Quakers dives right into her identity of being a twin.She immediately lets the reader know she is an identical twin, and the pros and cons of that identity.

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It can seem like such an arbitrary choice: talking about one particular moment or one specific extracurricular activity when you’ve had so many more experiences.

In fact, how do you even quantify which experience is more important than another? If you had one story you could tell that would let someone know who you are, what would that story be?

It can be an identity you are extremely proud of representing. Based on the topics, you might be thinking: “how is identity different from background? You might come from a very religious background, but you might not identify with being a religious person.

In this case, you can probably choose to talk about your religion as your background or as your identity, but the way you frame your essay would be a slightly different.

University of Pennsylvania ‘19 “Identity is a tricky subject for an identical twin.

I should know, as I have navigated my entire life with my own personal clone.

You’d be directly speaking to who you are and what that identity represents.

So, truthfully, no student is going to choose to write this unless they feel super strongly about it.

Your family heritage may have inspired you to major in a language or a history.

Your parent’s divorce may have forced you to find solace in music.


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