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Nor will they know exactly what actions are required for resolution.After they tackle the problem, the definition of the problem may change.The company believes entombing the thorium at the site is the best solution.

includes formulating and modelling authentic situations involving planning methods of data collection and representation, making models of three-dimensional objects and using number properties to continue number patterns.

Year 4includes formulating, modelling and recording authentic situations involving operations, comparing large numbers with each other, comparing time durations and using properties of numbers to continue patterns.

Activists want all the material moved somewhere else even if the solution bankrupts the company.

And some members of the Illinois General Assembly want the thorium removed from the state even though there is no place in the country currently licensed to accept the material.

In the place of covering the curriculum, learners probe deeply into issues searching for connections, grappling with complexity, and using knowledge to fashion solutions.

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As with real problems, students encountering ill-structured problems will not have most of the relevant information needed to solve the problem at the outset.

Year 1 includes using materials to model authentic problems, giving and receiving directions to unfamiliar places, using familiar counting sequences to solve unfamiliar problems and discussing the reasonableness of the answer.

Year 2 includes formulating problems from authentic situations, making models and using number sentences that represent problem situations, and matching transformations with their original shape.

And even after they propose a solution, the students will never be sure they have made the right decision.

They will have had the experience of having to make the best possible decision based on the information at hand. In problem-based learning students assume the roles of scientists, historians, doctors, or others who have a real stake in the proposed problem.


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