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Timothée Pizarro With every assignment they give you, professors assign themselves many, many hours of demanding and tedious work that has to be completed while they are also preparing for each class meeting, advancing their scholarly and creative work, advising students, and serving on committees.

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Professors know what it was like to be in college and write all kinds of papers.

They aren’t trying to make your lives difficult, but it is their jobs to make us think and ponder about many things. Make sure you answer the question being asked rather than rant on about something that is irrelevant to the prompt.

It just means that further discussion of the assignment is in order.

Here are some tips: If a professor provides a grading rubric with an assignment prompt, thank your lucky stars (and your professor).

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When you write for a teacher you are usually swimming against the stream of natural communication.Sometimes, though—especially when you are new to a field—you will encounter the baffling situation in which you comprehend every single sentence in the prompt but still have absolutely no idea how to approach the assignment.No one is doing anything wrong in a situation like that.Each assignment—be it an argumentative paper, reaction paper, reflective paper, lab report, discussion question, blog post, essay exam, project proposal, or what have you—is ultimately about your learning.To succeed with writing assignments (and benefit from them) you first have to understand their learning-related purposes.Why is this question/topic/problem so important to my professor that he is willing to spend evenings and weekends reading and commenting on several dozen novice papers on it? Some students perceive more open-ended assignments as evidence of a lazy, uncaring, or even incompetent instructor. Professors certainly vary in the quantity and specificity of the guidelines and suggestions they distribute with each writing assignment.” As I briefly discussed in Chapter 1, most instructors do a lot to make their pedagogical goals and expectations transparent to students: they explain the course learning goals associated with assignments, provide grading rubrics in advance, and describe several strategies for succeeding. Some professors make a point to give very few parameters about an assignment—perhaps just a topic and a length requirement—and they likely have some good reasons for doing so.However, they can still charge you a 20% coinsurance and any applicable deductible amount.Be sure to ask your provider if they are participating, non-participating, or opt-out.Unless there is a particular audience specified in the assignment, you would do well to imagine yourself writing for a group of peers who have some introductory knowledge of the field but are unfamiliar with the specific topic you’re discussing.Imagine them being interested in your topic but also busy; try to write something that is well worth your readers’ time.


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