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*Describe how the modern theory of evolution is supported by evidence from the following areas: (a)comparative anatomy (b)biogeography (c)embryology Modern theory of evolution states that all organisms have descended from a single common ancestor and that natural selection has allowed only those individuals of these species that have the favorable adaptations to propagate and survive through generations.

So ΔG is negative, ΔS is positive, entropy is increased.

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Comparative anatomy, biogeography, and embryology are areas of studies that engender evidence for this theory.

Via comparative anatomy, scientists were able to see anatomical links in organisms that were evolutionarily related.

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This question was one of the four free-response (essay) questions on the 2003 Advanced Placement (AP) Biology examination, which was taken by more than 105,000 high school students in about 6000 AP Biology classes worldwide.

ΔG is positive, andΔS is negative, thus entropy is decreased.

In cellular respiration, chemical energy in sugar is partly transferred to chemical energy in ATP for cell work , and most are lost as heat to maintain the body temperature.


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