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To prevent your introduction from looking like an overgrown garden, keep background information to a minimum, use quotations sparingly, and focus your attention on your own argument.Remember that later paragraphs can still include some introductory material.Many teachers suggest that an introduction should start with a creative hook.

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Sonnet 115 claims that love grows and changes, whereas Sonnet 116 states that true love is constant and unwavering.

The only way to reconcile these two perspectives is to realize that a constant and undying love may include an element of change, and that not all of Time’s effects are harmful.

This ludicrous plot leads to many comical situations, including the novel’s final sequence, where the character of Sunday escapes on an elephant, rides on a fire engine, and throws a strange party at his house.

Yet these comic moments are also frightening, and the novel is appropriately subtitled “A Nightmare.” This odd mixture allows Chesterton to depict the absurdity of the universe, an absurdity that might lead atheists to despair but for Chesterton provides a glimpse of God’s unique sense of humour.

The following introduction creates tension by asking how a novel can be both comical and terrifying at the same time: has a rather nonsensical plot.

Gabriel Syme, a neurotic poet and detective, infiltrates an anarchist cell only to discover that his fellow conspirators are all policemen.

There is no need to say that Shakespeare was a genius or that Picasso was the greatest modernist artist. may demonstrate that adultery does not always lead to happiness, but that shouldn’t be the focus of your argument. Avoid including too much material in your introduction.

If your essay is relatively short (e.g., 3-5 pages), your introduction shouldn’t be much longer than half a page.

If your research question is a good one, your introduction will have an element of tension.

Since you’re trying to address a problem or solve a conundrum, there is something at stake.


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