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This is, though, a good representative collection, gathering between hard covers the whole sweep of Huxley's thought, as it developed across forty-four years.Aldous Huxley stood aside from these large general trends.Though no Victorian in habits or beliefs, he never entered whole-heartedly into the spirit of modernism.It began in 1911, when, at the age of seventeen, he was afflicted with a disease of the eyes (eventually diagnosed as keratitis punctata, an inflammation of the corneas) that for several months rendered him actually and completely blind.Huxley reacted to this disaster with heroic fortitude.Considering that he is thought of nowadays largely as a herald for some soon-to-arrive future of hedonism via genetic manipulation, Huxley could be remarkably old-fashioned.————————— That "defect of vision" for which Huxley offered ironic thanks was in fact one of the great determinants of his life, constraining his movements in the world and keeping him out of military service during WW1.gentle, inquiring, fascinating, and fascinated too with every fact, every thought, hesitatingly brought out with the amazed inflection of his voice …" Huxley's essays have now been gathered together in six volumes by Robert S.Baker of the University of Wisconsin at Madison and James Sexton of Camosun College in British Columbia.He wrote his first novel while blind (it was never published), and spoke of his affliction only to crack jokes about it.His cousin Gervas Huxley came into his room one bitter winter morning to be greeted with: "You know, Gerry, there's one great advantage in Braille, you can read in bed without getting your hands cold." Huxley's later description of the state of his eyesight at the time he went up to Oxford in 1913 was as follows: "I was left …


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