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So for example, if you think there are more disadvantages of allowing children to play on computers and tables, then you could organise your essay as follows: More and more parents are allowing their children to play on computers and tablets as they think that children should learn technology skills.

As is usual with IELTS essay questions, this is a topical issue as it is something that you will commonly see debated in the media and amongst people generally.But if you are prepared to think about your writing and improve it as you go through the writing process, there is a big difference.If you write by hand, the chances are that you write in a purely linear fashion.You should mention it as it's in the question, but you can write about any arguments for or against children using computers and tablets.This is because you are not discussing whether there are more advantages or disadvantages of learning technology skills via computers and tablets.In my opinion, the drawbacks of allowing children to do this outweigh any advantages.The benefit of this development is that it will keep children occupied.It is this flexibility that your computer and the Writing Turbocharger will help you achieve.Also, using a computer can help you reflect on your writing and on how to write well.Table - A comparison of the writing process between paper and computer Research Disadvantages - You may make spelling mistakes in your quotes or other important facts (dates, etc.) if you cannot read your own writing properly A bibliography written on paper will still have to be typed-up and inserted at the end of your essay at a later date Advantages - You can make notes on your computer while you read.These can later be incorporated into your essay either in your own writing or as quotes You can create a bibliography file while you are reading that can later be pasted into your essay You can also use your computer as a research tool - either to find and order books or to read the many available internet sources Planning and drafting Disadvantages - You might lose important pieces of paper while travelling Any notes you make on paper will have to be re-written or typed up at a later date.


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