A Healthy Body Makes A Healthy Mind Essay

A Healthy Body Makes A Healthy Mind Essay-35
Although I successfully took off 40 of those pounds, I still have some work to do.

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Now I am facing major surgery in two weeks to remove the tumor.

I also didn’t go to the dentist during this time and recently ended up having many thousands of dollars of dental work done. that we need to take care of our WHOLE self - mind, body and soul.

Not just some of it, some of the time, but ALL of it, ALL of the time!

It sounds so simple, yet I know that while we may be working so hard on one part of our self, another part may be falling apart. If you find yourself (or someone you know) following the path that I did, please just do whatever you can to take care of yourself, ALL of yourself, ALL of the time!

getting my son’s and my own mental health in tip top shape.

Finding the answer to decades of issues with my diagnosis of bipolar illness in 2009 was just the beginning for me.

Healthy mind-body medicine is now part of exciting new fields such as psychoneuroimmunology and behavorial cardiology.

Psychoneuroimmunology focuses on the relationship of our thoughts and emotions to our brain chemistry and immune system.

I have heard too many stories of people who have given up on treatment, due to lack of patience with the process.

Although I am quite an impatient person, I found the strength to bear with the process and it was well worth it.


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