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It is hence an essential tool within the Continuous Improvement toolbox.

The course includes tutorials on dozens of problem-solving tools that help identify, analyze and fix problems.

Tough problems are tough to solve because they haven’t been solved before.

Colin Mc Ardle, the Founder and Managing Director of Kaizen Kulture is a Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has over 30 years industry experience.

Kaizen Kulture's mission is to be true to the ethos of continuous improvement.

This is where the issue is defined, data is gathered and a root cause identified.

Once the ‘Act’ phase has been completed, the cycle should start again and live on as a continuous improvement tool.8D was first introduced by the US Government as a problem-solving tool for the automotive industry.In addition, participants will learn the practical problem solving tools required by the 8D process.Through the workshop, participants will be able to appreciate why implementing and using an 8D problem solving methodology using a multi-disciplined team is beneficial and important, especially when meeting customer expectations.The aim is to use cross-functional teams to find the root cause of a problem, devise a short-term fix, and implement a long-term solution to prevent problems from recurring.Where the use of 8D is mandated, such as in the Automotive Industry, the emphasis is on fast reactions.Related page You may be interested to explore our full range of Continuous Improvement Training programmes. 8is a »Cloud Solution«, meaning you can easily bring aboard your colleagues or people outside your organization, such as suppliers or clients to collaborate and work together.Duration: 2 Days Target Audience: Cross-functional project team leaders and members from both the manufacturing and service (including banking and finance, logistics, healthcare, government and public service) sectors.Programme Objectives: 3) Workshop on Preparing an Effective 8D Report Contact Us Contact us now and our friendly customer service consultants will be in touch with you to design the best consulting & training that is tailored to your requirements.Also Available: DMAIC Basics 8D Problem-Solving Training teaches learners how to solve problems in a team setting using the 8D (8Discipline) problem-solving method.Each of the eight steps is presented and explained in detail.


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