6th Grade Book Report

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After you're done reading and taking notes, it's time to put it in a format you can use. List some interesting facts or descriptions of the main character and include, if you can, specific details about his or her history and personality.

If there is more than one important character, write descriptions for the others as well. By problem, we mean the central conflict - what drives the action of the book?

A book report is probably among the easiest writing assignments you could get.

Here we'll give you a quick idea as to what a book report is and how to get started, and then we'll go over the different parts of the actual report.

This doesn't mean you have to record every little thing that happens, or the name of every minor character in the book.

When something interesting happens in the book, or when something significant about a character's personality is revealed, jot it down in your notebook along with the page number you found it on.You can introduce the main problem of the book in the second body paragraph, and in the following paragraphs you can go on to describe the different ways the character tries to solve this problem.The final body paragraph should tell the reader how the problem is resolved (but try not to give away surprise endings in too much detail! You can also write about how the character has changed by the end of the story. No one, least of all your teacher - who probably has to grade thirty or more book reports - wants to hear a laundry list of the things that happen in your book.If you want to, you can finish up the report with your opinion of the book as a whole.(Click here to read the conclusion of the sample book report.) (Again, your teacher might have a different idea of what a conclusion is, so remember to ask him or her what a concluding paragraph should look like.) .(And if it was the latter, your teacher won't be very happy with you.) Also, when we say "Read the book," we don't mean "Sprawl out on the couch with your book while your little brother is playing Mortal Kombat III and your dad is vacuuming the living room." You need to find a quiet place where you can concentrate on what you're reading, or you won't remember what's important by the time you reach the end of the book.Taking Notes We would also recommend taking notes while you read.She has to find a way to stop him and save her real sixth-grade teacher before it is too late. The first sentence captures the reader's attention.Remember that the main character, author, and title of the book must all be given in this paragraph.A book report is mainly a way to show what a book is about and a way to highlight the book's important parts. You may even be wondering what the point of writing one is at all, if you don't get to include your thoughts and opinions.Well, the person assigning you the book report wants to be sure of three things: Reading If you don't enjoy reading, we hate to tell you this - but you must read the book. Your teacher will probably be able to tell whether you actually read the book or just read a summary of it somewhere.


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